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Key Features

  • Turn your existing .NET Web Project into an advanced map server in a few easy steps.
  • Display maps the way you want to, using standard web technologies.
  • Link to internal and external data sources as layers on your maps through standard .NET technologies.
  • Implement complex geospatial functionality with fluent, easy to understand programming tools.
  • Style your maps with the easy to use Mapzania MapStyler interface.

Advanced client and server geospatial and mapping functionality in your .NET solutions from a single NuGet download

In a hurry to get started?

Download the Sample Visual Studio Project or jump to the Get Started section of the User Manual.

Need information?

The User Manual provides an in-depth explanation of what you can do with Mapzania and how it works.

The Interactive JavaScript Examples show Mapzania in action.

The JavaScript API Documentation lists all the JavaScript objects you need to interact with your Mapzania map.

The .NET API Documentation lists the objects and classes for setting up and configuring your Mapzania .NET services.

The REST API Documentation lists all the available Mapzania web endpoints.

Need help?

First, check the Knowledge Base to find your answer.

If this does not help, log your issue with the Mapzania Service Desk and we will address your query directly.

What's news?

We are pushing out new features, improvements and bug-fixes all the time.

Check in with our News section for details on what we have been up to.